Singletracks Trail Challenge is a game that rewards you for exploring new mountain bike trails. To play, just click the "Check-in" button on the Singletracks app home screen.

If you're connected to your carrier's data network, you'll see a list of available trails for check in based on your location. To check in, simply click the trail where you're riding. If you don't have a cell signal, you can perform an "offline" check-in. This basically just records the date/time and your current position so you can check-in later when you're back online.

Each time you check in, the ride is recorded in your ride log and is added to your "My Trails" list (if it's not on there already). The trail will also be removed from your trail wish list if it's there. The app will check to see if your check-in qualifies for any new badges and will reward them accordingly.

After checking in you'll be asked to update the trail status. This is optional; you can bypass this step by clicking "Earned Badges" button at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen will display any new badges earned along with a message from Singletracks. If you've connected your Singletracks account to Facebook, the badge image and a similar message will be posted to your Facebook friends as well.

Example: Polar Bear Badge

The message you see: Frozen mud is easier to ride on than ice or wet mud.

The message your friends see on Facebook: I love cold rides! Shivering just makes me pedal faster.

From here you can proceed to the trail page to get a topo map (premium subscribers and paid app users) or upload a photo or look to see who else has checked in at the trail recently.

Auto Check-ins

If you use Tracker to connect your Singletracks account to a ride tracking service, such as Strava, we'll automatically check you in based on your Tracker activities.


Each badge has its own leaderboard showing the members who have earned the badge most frequently. For certain badges, like "The Sheriff," members will receive an email if another user steals their position atop the leaderboard. All leaderboards are available on the website and are updated in real time.