Singletracks is a community-driven website and all the trail reviews, photos, and maps you see are posted by our members. This trail database is an incredible collective resource that thousands of mountain bikers have contributed to over many years.

All the information on is freely available with the exception of the maps. The only thing we ask is that users contribute something (specifically, earning 30 contribution "points") to gain access to the full map catalog. For those who don't have the time or inclination to contribute to the community, access to the maps is available for a small annual fee.

The subscription fees we collect are used to pay for the map services we use, which currently cost nearly $10,000 a year. The bulk of this cost is due to licensing fees for topographic background maps and we also have to pay our map editors who moderate member submissions.

Check out this page to see how contribution points are awarded (left column, under "How do I earn points?").