We've had a number of questions in the past about how to embed pictures and videos into your forum posts. With this quick tutorial I hope to answer any future questions on this topic.

Embedding Images

There are two main ways to embed images here on Singletracks:

1. Image Hosted Elsewhere

If you want to embed an image that is hosted elsewhere on the internet, first get the direct url to that image (it should end with .jpg .jpeg .gif .tiff or something similar).

Then, when drafting your post, click the Img button at the top. It will bring up a pair of tags that look like this:


Past your image URL in between the two code tags, like so:


The result:

2. Image hosted on Singletracks

As you're probably aware, you can upload any and all of your mountain bike related photos to Singletracks.com. Whether it's a photo of a trail, a piece of gear, or your buddy crashing, there's a place for it here on Singletracks. If you want to upload one of your MTB photos and have it hosted here and then include it in a forum post, or if you simply want to include a photo that you've found in our massive archive of well over 30,000 photos....

First, find the page of the photo you want to share:

Second, look over to the right at the MTB photo dashboard, and click on the Share button:

Copy the Forum Code:

And then paste it into the forum post that you are drafting!

The result:

Embedding Videos

Embedding videos into your posts can be a little trickier, but with these tips it should be a cinch!

First, find the video that you want to imbed from a place such as Youtube.

Second, click on the Flash button at the top of the forum post editor. A code will appear that looks like this:


Third, paste the URL from the video in between the flash tags:


Fourth, we're going to need to trim down the URL a little bit. Start by taking off the feature embedded part, if it's there:


Then, take off the watch and the = and add in a forward slash between the v and the code:


Finally, insert width and height values for the video itself. Example: 425 by 350:


The result:

Alternatively, if the video has already been posted somewhere on Singletracks, look to the right, click on Share, and copy the Forum Code and just paste that into your post.

Hopefully this little tutorial has answered all of your questions on how to embed pictures and videos into your posts. If not, please feel free to ask a question: just respond to this forum topic, and we'll try to help you out!

Cheers, and happy posting!