The My Trails list is very useful if you want to track the trails you've ridden, but what if you also want to track the trails you want to ride? That's where the Trail Wishlist comes in.

Trail Wishlist Button

When you're on any trail listing page on the, if you want to add that trail to your Trail Wishlist, all you have to do is click the "Add to 'Trail Wishlist'" button below the trail description:

Once you've clicked the button, you'll know that the trail has been added to your Trail Wishlist if it looks like this:

If you added a trail to your wishlist in error, just click that button again and it will be removed.

Finding Trails to Add

Of course, clicking the button is the easy part--actually finding the trails that you want to ride can take some doing! If you know the name of a trail that you want to check out, you can easily run a search for it using the big search bar on the home page:

As you start typing the name of the trail, the search bar will try to autocomplete the trail name based on our database listings: 

If you don't see the exact trail name, you can always hit the "search" button to view full search results.

Now, if you know that you want to ride trails in a specific area, you can run a search in the same search bar for a place you want to visit Then, from the town/city page, you can navigate to the trails that want to ride:


A great place to find dream trails is our best mountain bike trails list (as ranked by Singletracks users). You can browse through this list, read trail descriptions, look at photos, and add the trails that you really want to ride to your Trail Wishlist.

The Trail Wishlist Page

Now that you've created your list, always refer back to it to remind you which trails you want to ride. To view your Trail Wishlist page, click on your public profile, and then look below the trailhead location map. Clicking the toggle button next to "Wishlist" will display your wishlist locations on that map:

And clicking the "View List" link will take you to your dedicated Trail Wishlist page:

Removing Trails from your Wishlist

While dreaming about trails is all well and good, the goal is definitely to get those trails checked off the list!

If you're out riding a mountain bike trail, you can check in at the trailhead using the mobile app for iPhone and Android. Checking in via your mobile device will automatically add the trail to your My Trails list and remove it from your Wishlist. For more information on using the mobile app, check out this article.

You can always manually remove a trail from your wishlist via the dedicated Trail Wishlist page or on the dedicated page for each individual trail.

So what are you waiting for? Start dreaming about your next mountain bike vacation now, and get those trails on your wishlist!